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March 4, 2016 Posted by Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, Inc.

President Matt Broniec

Sergeant Steve Johnson, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 1/16/2020

“As a returning Fidelity BlueLine customer, I cannot say enough about what Patrick and his team have done for me and my family. In addition to providing excellent rates and limited fees, he takes the worry out of the home buying process. He laid out a clear timeline, provided expert advice based on his years of experience, and was reassuring that everything would go smoothly. He was punctual and ensured all the paperwork was completed with plenty of time to spare. He didn’t make me feel pressured or rushed.
Patrick cares about his customers and has their best interests at heart. He consistently asked how my toddler and pregnant wife were doing before ever worrying about the business side of things. He’s genuine and caring. He ensured we were pre-approved prior to setting out on our home buying journey and provided advice on what a realistic price range was. He provided payment breakdowns and was accurate with those estimates. Patrick kept me informed on national trends, but never pressured me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Patrick is great at providing the facts for both sides of any decision and giving his customers the tools they need to make the correct choice for their situation.
Additionally, his support staff is second to none. Their digital signing system and ability to access the required forms and documents made our requirements easy to fulfill.
In short, there is no greater resource our troopers associate has provided during my 13 year career. I have purchased homes and refinanced multiple times with Fidelity Blue Line and I wouldn’t consider taking my business anywhere else. Patrick is everything he promises to be and delivers on those promises. He not only has my business, but he has my trust.”

Master Sergeant Scott Simmons, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 11/8/19

“If you are looking to purchase a home, I highly recommend using Fidelity Blueline Mortgage. The biggest advantage for using Patrick and Fidelity Blueline Mortgage is they figure out how to get you a mortgage instead of reasons you can’t. Communication with other lending institutions can be difficult. If you use Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, they will be available 24/7, and work with you to accomplish your home purchase. The office staff is absolutely the best!!!”

Sergeant Clark D. Parrott, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 10/15/19

“Thank you & your team so much for everything you did for us and working so quickly to get the loan processed and closed! You all went above and beyond for us. We appreciated being informed of each step of the process and the personal communication from your staff. You made us feel like no question was too silly to ask and like we were your number one priority. Audra & Stephanie were professional and easy to work with, and were on top of everything, to get it to closing.” -Sgt. Clark D. Parrott & Clerk III Michele Parrott

Trooper J. D. Miller, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 9/16/19

“Shortly after getting word that my transfer was official, I contacted Patrick. We had worked with Blueline Mortgage 7 years earlier when we purchased a home and had a great experience. I had not talked to Patrick since then and I was impressed with how much detail he remembered about me and my family, where I worked, and our first house. After searching for an existing structure without an success, we decided to build. Throughout the entire project, which was seven months overdue, Patrick and his crew fielded multiple questions, concerns, and even listened to our frustrations. If we ever move again, I guarantee I’m calling Patrick and his staff.”

Trooper Taggart Holston, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 3/25/19

“I purchased a home in January of 2019. I did not discover the home I wanted to purchase until January of 2019. I chose to obtain a mortgage through Fidelity Blue Line due to hearing positive reviews from other troopers. I am thankful I did because of the flexibility and diligence of all the people involved at Fidelity Blue Line. Because I was a newbie and was not familiar with the process, Fidelity Blue Line was the best choice for me because I was able to call Patrick any time and receive a quick response, never exceeding 24 hours. This helped alleviate any stress and made the process go much smoother. I can’t imagine going through the process and dealing with all the unexpected curveballs thrown my way without having a readily accessible point of contact. They helped save me money, I am very happy with my interest rate, and I know should something unexpected come up, they will do everything in their power to help me out of a bad situation. Should I ever need to purchase a home again, I will be calling them first.” Sincerely, Taggart Holston

John Hamilton, Chief Operator, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 3/25/19

“Patrick, you and your team went way beyond what others would have and helped my wife and I navigate some fairly complicated issues. We appreciate feeling like family and not like a burden which other companies can do. The results were outstanding! Thank You!!”

John Enderle and Lori Bielawski, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 1/16/19

“We want to thank you and your team again for the superior service we received throughout the process of purchasing of our new home.  From the initial application to closing, we know Fidelity Blue Line had our best interests in mind.  We know that if we had chosen to go with our bank for the loan, we would have paid a higher interest rate and fees, and above all, would not have received the help and support needed when issues popped up.  We highly recommend Fidelity Blue Line!”

-John Enderle and Lori Bielawski

Cody Tucker, Trooper, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 11/26/18

“Patrick, Thank you & your team so much for everything you did for us and working so quickly to get the loan processed and closed! You all went above and beyond for us. Being first time home buyers we really didn’t know what to expect or how any of this would go, being on a time crunch we were nervous and anxious to get it over with.
Each step of the way you all were there to guide us through the process, explain in detail what we needed to do, and how it all worked. You almost made it sound “too good to be true” sometimes but in the end your “Blueline Magic” proved it wasn’t. We also loved that you or someone from your team would call or email updates to us frequently so we were never out of the loop! You made us feel like no question was too silly to ask and like we were your number one priority.
Working with Audra & Stephanie was super pleasant and they were on top of everything really making it all come together quickly and smoothly. Stephanie even called to check on us during closing. We will certainly be giving you all at Fidelity Blueline a call next time we need a Home Loan!” -Cody, Shalyn, & EmmaLynn Tucker

Joey Day, Sergeant, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 06/06/17

“Hello all, Just wanted to send a quick note saying Thank You for all the hard work you did in getting my refinance completed. I appreciate everyone involved and am proud to have used Fidelity Blueline yet once again. Keep up the great work and thank you for your support of Law Enforcement everywhere.” Sincerely, Joey Day M.S.H.P.

Roberto Rizo, Trooper, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 03/10/17

“To whom it may concern,

My husband and I just closed on a home loan with you.  The process had many setbacks from the seller and the real estate company.  Your company was our solid rock!  we had complete confidence in you all and never worried anything would go wrong from the lender side.  We were also completely speechless when you provided the final numbers to us, as they were much lower than we anticipated!!!  As a matter of fact we double and triple verified them because we couldn’t believe it!

We wanted to take a few minutes to commend three outstanding employees that assisted us during this difficult process; Patrick Bautz, Jillian Ersland and Stephanie Whidby.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we greatly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication throughout this process.  We could not have made it through without you all!” Sincerely, Roberto & Jaime Rizo

Emily Wetzel, Communications Operator, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 03/01/17

“Patrick, Thank you so much for everything you and your team did to help me buy my first home! I know you put in a lot of time & effort and went above and beyond and I really appreciate it! Thank you for all you do for the Law Enforcement Community!” Thanks again, Emily

Corporal Dustin Reed, Troop C & Leanne Reed, LET, Crime Lab Division, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 12/29/16

“I wanted to take a moment and let you know about the wonderful experience I had with Fidelity Blueline Mortgage. When we started our home search, we shopped around for the best deal. After we talked to Patrick, it was obvious we had found a company who truly cared about police officers and their families. No more searching was necessary and we began the loan process with Fidelity. After completing the initial application, we had a loan commitment letter within days and your team immediately hit the ground running. We were fortunate enough to work with Jillian who made this process absolutely pain free! Anytime I had a question or issue, I knew I could call on Jillian and get nearly instant results. I even remember talking to Patrick one morning at 6 a.m. while he was on his morning walk. Jillian walked us through the entire process from application until closing. Documents were emailed back and forth with electronic signatures, making it even easier to accomplish with the odd schedules we work. On closing day, we talked to Patrick and Jillian who wanted to check in just to make sure we didn’t run into any problems. I would recommend Fidelity Blueline to anyone and again, I want to thank you all and especially Jillian for the service you provide.”

Michael Soriano, Trooper, Missouri State Highway Patrol| 12/22/16

“Thank you so much Patrick for making the home buying process as easy as possible. You and your staff were always available to contact, both day and night, and it gave us peace of mind to know that we would be taken care of by your company. We would definitely recommend Fidelity Blueline Mortgage over other lending companies hands down, for the preciseness and hospitable nature that you and your staff afforded to us. Thank you so much Patrick and crew!” Michael & Melissa

Andrew C. Rickman, Zone 4, 21 Stone/Taney Counties| 8/23/16

“I would like to take this time to thank you on behalf of Elise and I. You (Patrick) and your team were extremely professional and worked diligently in order to get my family the best loan available. You made the process as easy as possible and you and your team made us feel like part of the Fidelity family. Thank you for all your hard work and for helping us be able to purchase the home of our dreams. We are extremely happy we used Fidelity Blue Line for our financing needs.”

Thank You and God Bless

Dale S. Lawrence, Troop H Lab Criminalist Supervisor | 7/6/16

“I would like to thank you, Audra and Stephanie for your help in getting us a lower interest rate and shorter term for our mortgage. You all did a great job in working with us! Hopefully I won’t need your services any more, but one never knows (if rates will go any lower).”

Christina Sumner | 5/11/16

“Dear Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage, Inc., I cannot tell you all just how much you have touched me with your generosity! Every one of you was wonderful to work with! My kids and I are so happy and the house is a big part of that! Thank you so much!”

Tim Hull | 1/14/16

I did want to express my appreciation to you and your crew at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage for your great effort and support you provided to my family and I in the purchase of our new home in October 2015. From the time I made the first phone call until I signed my name for the final time on the last form, (and I signed it a lot that day), you and your team were there assisting us. The process was very stress free, as we were in constant contact by phone or email with forms and documents guiding us through each step and letting us know what would be needed next. One of the ladies there even called me prior to my wife and I stepping into the room to close on the house just to let me know if I needed anything during the closing to call her directly and she would take care of it. You don’t get service like that at too many places these days.

Jason & Tonia Daly, Missouri State Highway Patrol | 9/22/15

We would like to thank you and your staff for going above and beyond for us during our refinance! Everyone was always so helpful and kind when I would call and ask questions! When we closed, the lady at the title company said that she was very impressed with your bank and the ladies she spoke with. She had never worked with your bank but everything had went so smooth and everyone was so cooperative! Thank you for a positive experience!

Brad Thielemier, Former Legislative Director for MOSTA | 5/7/15

As always everything was extremely positive working with Patrick and the crew at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage. I have used them multiple time throughout the years. Patrick is true to his word and does everything with your best interest in mind. Melissa took extra time to jump through hoops for us and we are so grateful. Patrick is a friend and a great person to work with. Couldn’t be happier with choosing them again!

Greg Primm | 4/22/15

Patrick and his crew at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage were a real pleasure to work with. With a rough housing market, he stepped in and really improved our position with a great mortgage. Thank you! My rating doesn’t come lightly.

Landon Haggett | 4/10/15

I went with Patrick and his crew at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage for my house. Being my first house and right out of the academy I didn’t have much money for a down payment. I spoke with Patrick and he told me his plan. He stood by every word that he told me. He did all he could and more to assist me to make the process smooth. We ran into some trouble and Patrick fought tooth and nail for me. Go with Patrick at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage. He stands by his word and works truly for you. Highly recommend.

Sergeant Scott Nace, Missouri State Highway Patrol

I am always glad to hear about any experience our brothers and sisters have with someone in business, who is willing to go above and beyond to extend a caring and positive relationship with them. I have known Patrick personally for many years and I have never known him and his business to be anything other than what you have described. I am very proud that Blue Line Fidelity Mortgage has built the relationships it has with so many of our members. I have been with several other states’ members who have also shared the same experience with Patrick. When I say that Patrick is a gentleman and “Prince of a Guy” I mean that in the best possible way it can be used to describe him. Patrick has always been there for our members and I know firsthand of his selfless devotion to us and so many brothers and sisters like us. Thank you again for sharing your kind words about Patrick, and please continue to recommend Blue Line Fidelity Mortgage to our members when you can.

C.S. Kutzner Badge #462, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Sergeant Nace,

Good afternoon sir. Seeing that you are the Troop A Board Member for MOSTA, I would like to briefly comment on Patrick Bautz and the crew at Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage. When I learned I was moving from Platte County to Johnson County, Missouri. Sergeant D.J. Hedrick placed a Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage pamphlet in my box and suggested taking a look at them. Our first mortgage loan was acquired through a local bank in Springfield, Missouri. My wife and I were in no way willing to tread the same path twice, so we decided to call Fidelity. On my first attempt to call, I did not expect to speak to the owner of the company, Patrick Bautz. I found Mr. Bautz eager to help and always a phone call away (email or text). Once we eventually decided upon a house to purchase, Mr. Bautz place us in contact with Melissa Miller, Mortgage Loan Processor. She was very helpful in allowing our loan to cleanly move through the underwriting process and allow me to establish residence within Johnson County without having to officially apply for a six month extension. My wife and I are happily settling in our new home. If I ever do have to move again, I plan on utilizing Fidelity. Additionally, I would very willingly place a Fidelity pamphlet in the box of any of my brothers or sisters in blue who plan to purchase a home.

Lt. Mark Bielawski, Missouri State Highway Patrol

To Whom It May Concern,

I was recently on the hunt for a house in Jefferson City. Even though I had used Fidelity Blueline Mortgage three (3) times previously for home purchases/refinances, I shopped around before making a decision on a lender, just as I had done the previous times. Not surprisingly, I ended up returning to Fidelity Blueline Mortgage yet again. Put simply, Patrick Bautz and his staff cannot be beat in terms of bottom line cost and customer service. There are no hidden fees and you are treated with the honesty and respect you deserve. I received a rate equal to or better than any other lender I investigated, and my overall “out of pocket” costs were considerably less than any of the others. I don’t believe there is another lender out there who is as “hands-on” as Patrick and his staff. You are not only treated with respect, but you are treated like their only customer. Purchasing a home can be a daunting and unpleasant experience if you don’t understand the process. The staff at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage walks you through the entire process and leaves no question unanswered. They truly care about what we do (as troopers) and what we stand for, and it shows. If I’m ever in the market for another house or even a refinance, the days of searching for a lender are over. Fidelity Blueline Mortgage has a customer for life.

John W. Elliott, Missouri State Highway Patrol – Retired


Vicky and I closed on our mortgage on January 7. The process went smoothly. We were able to complete the entire application process from our home via the internet. Melissa was always available to answer any questions that arose. Kim even telephoned us during the closing to ensure the closing went smoothly. It was a pleasure doing business with Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage. I would recommend Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage to other law enforcement personnel.

Thank you

Blake Wunderlich, Missouri State Highway Patrol

Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank your staff for the home loan I recently received. The entire process was quick and easy, and also informative, as this was my first home purchase. Patrick and his staff were quick to answer any and all of my questions; in fact, I can even recall Patrick responding to a text around 3:00 am on a Saturday. I truly appreciate all the hard work this group of people have done for me during this home-buying process. Buying a house (especially for the first time) can be hectic, but they made it simple and stress-free. Again, I say thanks to Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage!

Bret and Cindy Johnson, Missouri State Troopers

I do not usually provide endorsements or submit reviews in the business world, mainly because usually you are paying for a product or service and you are the customer…….so the seller should do there best to keep or repeat your business relationship. Its business!

However, over the years I have had not only the personal experience of using the services Fidelity Blue Line, I have seen how Patrick and his staff provide services to others from the Patrol. The difference I see with Fidelity, is that your experience will transform from a business relationship to a personal relationship of friendship and trust. In our profession, trust is usually earned and Patrick works hard to earn that trust by the caring and fair service he provides.

Since the down turn of the housing market and banking failures a few years ago, many new regulations have been enacted. Patrick’s experience and knowledge of the loan process is invaluable as he moves through this mine field of regulations. I found this very important, especially when dealing with our younger employees who are usually first time or low equity home buyers.

We are from the “SHOW ME” state…….Lets live up to that motto…..If you’re thinking of buying or refinancing a home, let Patrick and his staff “show you the money ” he may save you and your family.

Justin McCullough, Missouri State Troopers Association

Having recently closed on the purchase of my new home, I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the MOSTA benefit of Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage. This is the sixth time I have used this benefit and each time, Patrick and the entire Fidelity staff has exceeded my expectations. Often times in this line of work, troopers have to move to new areas, much like with my move. By moving to a new area, I did not have the rapport of any local financial institutions, making a home loan somewhat of an arduous process. By having the benefit of Fidelity Mortgage, obtaining a home loan is as easy as making a phone call to Patrick. From the time that I called Patrick and explained my situation, he immediately explained my options and made the entire process as smooth as possible. From a guy who is particular about where every penny is going during any loan process, I can tell you that no other financial institution could have offered the deal I received from Fidelity Mortgage. To top it off, Patrick was present for the closing, making that a seamless process as well. Since most of the time the only thing that most people like to talk about are negative experiences, I just wanted to let you know of the positive experience that my family and I had with the MOSTA benefit of using Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage.


Duane Robinson, Missouri State Troopers Association

Thanks for the excellent service on our home loan. Everything went great!

former President Cody Fulkerson

With Patrick, obtaining a home loan is as easy as making a phone call to him and explaining your need. He will explain your options and work tirelessly to make the entire process as smooth as possible. No other financial institution can offer the kind of deals that our troopers have received from Patrick. I just want to let others know of the positive experience that we have had with the MOSTA benefit of using Fidelity Blueline Mortgage!


Missouri Company License Number: 13-2115
Missouri Patrick Alfred Bautz License Number: 7147-MLO

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