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February 2, 2018 Posted by Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, Inc.

Director Clay K. Taylor

Billy McCloskey, Texas/DPS| 03/02/2021

“Fidelity Blueline Mortgage is a very professional and caring organization. Throughout the entire refinancing process, Fidelity Blueline was courteous and responsive to my concerns and needs. Patrick was very open and honest about the pros and cons of refinancing and would not allow me to refinance until the timing was right to best benefit me. Without a doubt, I would be a repeat customer for future financing needs.”

Hank Sibley, McKinney, Texas| 02/22/2021

“Patrick & Audra, thank you both for all the time and effort you both put into making this home purchase and closing a reality. We are excited to have our new home and are thankful that God brought you into our lives to make it happen. Many blessings to you both. –Hank & Carrie”

Ken Bond, Texas Sheriff| 07/23/2020

“Hey Patrick, just letting you know we closed with no issues. I want to thank you for the exceptional work that you, Audra and the rest of your team provided us during the loan process. I also want to say thanks for the great support you provide to law enforcement.  It is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!”

Jarech Page, Texas/DPSOA| 05/16/2020

“Patrick was an unbelievable help throughout my whole home buying process. He was there us at the drop of a hat day or night with any questions or just to talk shop or just a friendly conversation. This was our first home buying experience so we had absolutely no idea what we were doing but Patrick speaks “cop and lawyer”. He played both sides and could explain everything I was concerned about. He doesn’t make a dime off of helping officers, yet he cares deeply about you and getting you into your dream home. With law enforcement having crazy, unpredictable schedules, he’s able to work with you and help you out and go to battle on your behalf. Patrick is one of a kind and a good friend and his support staff is very helpful as well. I would highly recommend giving Patrick a call if you’re even thinking about buying a home. His service and compassion are unmatched. Patrick thanks for everything, bother. -JP and Marivel.”

Brandon Speed, Region 4 Rep/DPSOA| 04/13/2020

“I refinanced my house with Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage in 2019. I dealt mostly with Patrick Bautz but I had the opportunity to interact with several of his staff members throughout the process. Patrick was always patient because I asked a lot of questions and he always answered his phone. The office staff are professional and courteous and get their part of the process done quickly. Refinancing in Texas isn’t easy and can be very expensive. Patrick looks for ways to save money and his fees are the best you are going to find anywhere. What I like most about Patrick is that he actually means what he says when he wants to take care of Troopers. For those who don’t know him personally, they may be skeptical or even suspicious like cops tend to be. Patrick gets to know you and your situation and he will be honest with you about whether or not he can help you get the best deal for your situation. He watches the market close and he will even tell you if the time is right for you to lock in rates now or wait a little longer. He truly does have his clients’ best interests at heart and he and his staff work hard to help you buy or refinance your home. He is listed as a benefit on the Texas DPSOA website and I truly believe he has been a benefit for our members. Patrick and his team saved me tens of thousands of dollars in interest and I will have my home paid off 4 years sooner!”

Sergeant Riley Barham, Texas DPSOA Member| 12/6/19

“I can’t speak highly enough about Patrick and his team at Fidelity Blueline Mortgage. From my first conversation with Patrick, to subsequent dealings with Gregg, Audra and Stephanie, it has been the easiest process to get approved and close on our home. Although we had an issue with our first contract falling through on the sellers end, Patrick remained patient and worked with us as we found a second property. They truly treat you like family and spend time making sure you are up to date during the entire process. If you are looking for a company that cares more for their clients than making a dollar, Fidelity Blueline Mortgage is that company!”

Barry Caldwell, Texas DPSOA Member| 11/7/19

“Fidelity Blueline Mortgage was awesome!! Very professional and courteous.”

Jerrad Norman, Texas DPSOA Member| 10/6/19

“I discovered Fidelity Blue Line by happenstance on the DPSOA website and it could not have been a more perfect circumstance! When I called Fidelity, I was greeted by Patrick Bautz. Patrick was friendly, informative, and extremely understanding of my struggles when trying to relocate my family. After our initial dealings with a shady homebuilder, Patrick and his team provided their full support in assisting us find and purchase our new home. Patrick and his entire Fidelity team demonstrated the utmost courtesy and professionalism in their dealings with my family. I cannot provide enough praise to Patrick and his Fidelity Blue Line Team for the service they provided! I will forever be an advocate for the work Fidelity Blue Line provides my fellow Law Enforcement Professionals. Thank you for all you do and all you have done! – Sincerely and respectfully, Jerrad, Nicki, and Lynnley Norman”

Aneas Sutton, Texas DPSOA Member| 8/21/19

“My house buying process was amazing thanks to Patrick and his team. They took the job head-on and checked on me several times throughout the process. They show an incredible degree of patience, give you inside information about loans, and are extremely diligent when it comes to anything you need as well as closing on the home. This was my first home purchase and it would not have been possible without the blue line team. Thank You St. Patrick and the blue line family.” – A. Sutton

Eric Walters, Texas DPSOA Member| 11/30/18

“As an officer, I was naturally skeptical when I first called and was told the benefits I would receive by doing business with you. I thought, “There has to be a catch!”, but you were true to your word and I was more than satisfied. From the start, everything was smooth and easy and I was amazed at how professional and convenient your team made the process. You kept it simple and took the time to ensure I never went without a question being fully answered. My family and I thank you for caring like you do!” – Sincerely, Eric Walters

Nick Henson, Texas DPSOA Member| 10/06/18

“My family was in a very difficult situation with our first mortgage company. We were declined the day before we were supposed to close. We were made promises that weren’t kept from our first mortgage company after we were declined, so I decided to call Mr. bautz to see if my situation was salvageable. We had already moved into the home we were attempting to purchase and we didn’t want to have to move again. Mr. Bautz was extremely professional and positive about our situation. After our first experience when we were declined, we had difficulty placing any trust in a mortgage company. However, Mr. Bautz was able to gain our trust and assured us that everything would be okay and he assisted us every step of the way. Mr. Bautz and his team had no problems answering my phone calls with questions at 8 p.m. We were ONLY able to purchase our home with the help of Mr. Bautz and his team. We are truly grateful to Mr. Bautz and his team and we will definitely be using their services for life!” -Nick

Natee Wong, Texas DPSOA Member| 05/17/18

“I used this company on the 3rd home I am buying. The previous 2 houses I used a different mortgage company and it was very difficult to get a loan.

I had a very difficult situation and had to move quickly. We found a house and need to close ASAP. The Fidelity team worked relentlessly to make it happen. The best part about the Fidelity team is they understand police officers schedules and how busy we can be. They are more than willing to work around your schedule and make sure we are well taken care of.

I can say nothing but great things about Fidelity Blueline Mortgage. They bailed me out of a tough situation and allowed my family to be nearly stress free when getting this loan. I cannot begin to thank Patrick, Audra, Stephanie, Gregory, and the entire Fidelity Team enough on how grateful I was to have found them. They have been nothing but a blessing to my family and me.”


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